Super 5 Cup


 30 Dec FINAL: Sliema W. vs Valletta 1-4 David Camilleri (S); Daniel Theuma, Chris Oretan,
Gilbert Agius, Ivan Zammit (V)
 30 Dec FINAL 3rd/4th: Floriana vs Birkirkara 1-1
(2-3 pen)
Mark Galea (F); William Camenzuli (B)

Valletta vs Sliema Wanderers 4-1 (HT 1-1)

VALLETTASean Sullivan, Daniel Theuma, Jeffrey Chetcuti, Rennie Forace, Karl Bonnici, Ivan Zammit (90' Lee Grima), Gilbert Agius, Kamil Dvorak, David Carabott, Chris Oretan (92' Antoine Sacco), Pavel Mraz (72' Nicky Saliba)
SLIEMAErnest Barry, Ian Ciantar, Carlo Mamo, Luke Dimech, Massimo Grima, Andy Eminyan (60' Daniel Bogdanovic), Noel Turner, Carmel Busuttil, Orosco Anonam (43' Martin Gregory), David Camilleri, Michael Mifsud (76' Dybrill Sylla).
RefereeJoe Attard
Scorers:26' David Camilleri (S); 31' Daniel Theuma (V); 52' Chris Oretan (V); 54' Gilbert Agius (V); 84' Ivan Zammit (V)
Comments:Valletta won the third honour this season when they defeated Sliema Wanderers 4-1 in the final of the Super 5 Competition on Saturday. Despite a good start for Sliema, even taking the lead with a great goal, they suffered a major setback when they lost Orosco Anonam injured. But the Citizens were the better side overall. In fact after equalising in the first half, they managed to turn the score in their favour. In the last 30 minutes, three players - two for Sliema and one for Valletta - were sent off. Zoran Antic and Mark Anthony Bonnici were missing from the Sliema while their latest signings veteran defender Joe Camilleri and Nigerian midfielder Chima Dozie were not included although they formed part of the squad. Valletta lacked Kris Laferla and the suspended Darren Debono. John Buttigieg was retained on the bench.

In the 13th minute, Busuttil took the rebound inside the area after having a shot blocked by a defender, serving Michael Mifsud but the young Sliema striker failed to connect in time. Five minutes later, Karl Bonnici served David Carabott on the right, who tested Barry with a powerful shot turned into a corner. In the 25th, Sullivan performed a save at point blank on Michael Mifsud but a minute later, the Blues took the lead with a perfect freekick by David Camilleri that gave the Valletta goalkeeper no chance. Sliema enjoyed the lead for just five minutes as in the 31st, Valletta levelled the score with a goal by Daniel Theuma who headed home off a corner a Gilbert Agius. The Blues were then unlucky to lose Orosco Anonam injured.

A goal bound shot by Valletta's best player, Kamil Dvorak was blocked by a defender early in the second half. But in the 52nd minute, Valletta took the lead when Chris Oretan, served by Kamil Dvorak, hit low past Barry. A minute later, the Citizens were again close with a shot by Mraz, turned into a corner by Barry. Direct from the corner on the left, Gibert Agius surprised Barry to put Valletta two goals ahead. In the 65th, Luke Dimech was sent off for a second yellow card. Two minutes later, they missed a golden opportunity as Pavel Mraz failed to clear the ball inside the Valletta area and Noel Turner served the unmarked Daniel Bogdanovic. However Bogdanovic wasted too much time before trying to conclude and he was anticipated by a defender. In the 71st, Carmel Busuttil missed another golden opportunity when he rounded the goalkeeper but hit high instead of placing the ball in the empty net. Three minutes later, Valletta also ended in ten men when former Sliema defender Karl Bonnici was sent off. Thirteen minutes from time, an effort by substitute Dybrill Sylla ended high. In the 79th, referee Joe Attard denied Chris Oretan an excellent chance of scoring another goal when he stopped play to send off Martin Gregory for dissent. Finally six minutes from time, Valletta scored the fourth goal when Nicky Saliba sent Ivan Zammit through and Zammit advanced into the area beating Barry with a cute lob.

Floriana vs Birkirkara 1-1 (HT 1-1)

4-3 after penalty shoot-out
FLORIANAMatthew Camilleri, Kim Wright, Brian Said, Mario Caruana, George Mallia, Claude Mattocks (58' Christian Cassar), Mark Galea (88' Nicolo Baldacchino), Etienne Barbara, Richard Buhagiar, Charles Sciberras (29' Trevor Cilia), Eduardo do Nascimento.
B'KARARobert Savic, William Camenzuli, Graham Bencini, Michael Spiteri, Justin Tellus, Stefan Zahra (84' Steve Marc Sadowski), Nenad Veselji, Michael Galea, Antoine Zahra, Jonathan Magri Overend.
RefereeAdrian Casha
Scorers:34' Mark Galea (F); 38 William Camenzuli (B)
Comments:Floriana notched the third place in the Super 5 Cup when they defeated champions Birkirkara 4-3 after the penalty shoot-out. It was a game between two rather demotivated sides after losing the semi-finals. Both sides lacked several regular players. On one side, Floriana had Justin Haber, Riad Mynel Gango-Rtsa, Rufin Oba, Jonathan Holland and Antoine Zahra missing for a reason or another while on the other hand, there were Drasko Braunovic, Djorde Pintac, Lino Galea, Simon Sammut, Michael Cutajar and Joe Brincat absent from the Birkirkara line-up.

Both teams had a quiet start with the Stripes having more ball possession in the early stages. In the 19th, Nenad Veselji, served by Jonathan Magri Overend, forced goalie Matthew Camilleri to turn an excellent shot into a corner. On the half-hour, a good shot by Eduardo do Nascimento, served by Kim Wright, ended inches wide. Four minutes later, Floriana took the lead when Mark Galea served on the left beat Robert Savic with a diagonal shot. But in the 38th minute, Birkirkara equalised thanks to an error by goalie Matthew Camilleri as a shot by William Camenzuli from outside the area was not held by Camilleri to end at the back of the net.

Nine minutes in the second half, Stefan Zahra entered the area and tested Camilleri with an angled shot. On the other side, Savic rushed out of the area to anticipate Mark Galea and a few minutes later, the Yugoslav goalie blocked off Galea. In the 71st, a Zahra dipper was tipped into a corner by Camilleri and four minutes later a good run on the right by the same player ended with a shot over the bar. Seven minutes from time, Jonathan Magri Overend was sent off for a second yellow card. In injury time, Trevor Cilia missed a golden opportunity hitting wide from an ideal position inside the area and seconds later, a dipper by Baldacchino ended just wide with Savic beaten.

In the penalty shoot-out, Kim Wright had his shot deflected by Savic and Michael Galea (B) scored; Mario Caruana had his shot saved by Savic with Matthew Camilleri saving Hubert Suda's shot. Richard Buhagiar scored for Floriana while Nenad Veselji's penalty was saved; George Mallia scored and Camenzuli replied with a goal for Birkirkara. Finally, Bizu scored for Floriana the decisive penalty as Justin Tellus had his penalty saved by Camilleri.


 23 Dec Floriana vs Sliema W. 0-5 Michael Mifsud (2), Orosco Anonam (3)
 23 Dec Birkirkara vs Valletta 3-5 William Camenzuli, Nenad Veselji, Michael Galea (B);
Gilbert Agius (3), Daniel Theuma, Chris Oretan (V)

Floriana vs Sliema Wanderers 0-5 (HT 0-2)

FLORIANAMatthew Camilleri, Joseph Craig Schembri (62' Richard Buhagiar), Clifton Ciantar, Brian Said, Mario Caruana, Albert Busuttil (52' George Mallia), Claude Mattocks, Mark Galea, Etienne Barbara, Charles Sciberras, Eduardo do Nascimento.
SLIEMAErnest Barry, Ian Ciantar, Carlo Mamo, Luke Dimech, Noel Turner (65' Dybrill Sylla), Carmel Busuttil (83' Joseph Farrugia), Michael Mifsud, David Camilleri, Danilo Bogdanovic (59' Andy Eminyan), Massimo Grima, Orosco Anonam.
RefereeAnton Zammit
Scorers:11' Michael Mifsud, 39' Michael Mifsud, 49' Orosco Anonam, 89' Orosco Anonam, 92' Orosco Anonam
Comments:In the first semi-final, Sliema defeated a depleted Floriana side 5-0. The Greens lacked several regular players such as goalie Justin Haber, defender Riad Mynel Gango-Rtsa, midfielder Richard Buhagiar and strikers George Mallia and Rufin Oba. Buhagiar and Mallia were included as substitutes. On the other hand, Sliema lacked Zoran Antic injured with Danilo Bogdanovic being included in the starting line-up. The difference between the two sides was clear right from the start. The Blues took the lead in the 11th minute as Busuttil served Michael Mifsud inside the area, beating the offside trap and goalie Matthew Camilleri hitting home from close-range. The Blues piled on pressure and in the 39th, off a cross by Noel Turner, Michael Mifsud scored the second goal. Just before half-time occurred Floriana's only chance when Clifton Ciantar hit the bar and Claude Mattocks had a shot cleared off the goal line. Four minutes in the second half, Orosco Anonam beat three players on the run and hit past Matthew Camilleri with a diagonal shot. In the dying minutes, Sliema added another two goals by Orosco Anonam. The Nigerian striker scored the fourth goal in the 89th and two minutes in injury time, he completed a hat-trick making it 5-0. The last goal was the result of a foul outside the area by Michael Mifsud on goalie Matthew Camilleri which went unnoticed by the referee.

Birkirkara vs Valletta 3-5 (HT 1-1)

B'KARARobert Savic, William Camenzuli, Graham Bencini (77' Simon Sammut), Michael Spiteri, Justin Tellus, Matthew Galea (32' Michael Cutajar), Nenad Veselji, Michael Galea, Hubert Suda, Antoine Zahra, Jonatthan Magri Overend (89' Stefan Zahra).
VALLETTASean Sullivan, Daniel Theuma, Jeffrey Chetcuti, Kamil Dvorak, Rene Forace, Ivan Zammit, Gilbert Agius (93' Jerryton Agius), Stefan Giglio (84' Nicky Saliba), David Carabott, Chris Oretan, Pavel Mraz (78' Darren Debono).
RefereeChris Lautier
Scorers:9' William Camenzuli (B), 19' Gilbert Agius (V), 50' Gilbert Agius (V), 52' Nenad Veselji (B), 60' Daniel Theuma (V), 68' Gilbert Agius (V), 80' Michael Galea - pen (B), 91' Chris Oretan (V)
Comments:In the second semi-final, Premier League leaders Valletta defeated champions Birkirkara in a highly entertaining game despite being played under continuous rainfall. The Stripes lacked the unfit Drasko Braunovic, Djorde Pintac and Joe Brincat but on the other hand they had goalie Robert Savic making his first appearance this season after a long-term injury, Maltese-Australian Matthew Galea making his debut while Nenad Veselji was included in the starting line-up for the first time. Valletta lacked Kris Laferla and John Buttigieg while Darren Debono was among the substitutes. A positive note was the return on the field of play for Nicky Saliba after several months nursing an injury. He was included as a substitute late in the game. Birkirkara took the lead in the 9th minute with a good shot by William Camenzuli but ten minutes later, Gilbert Agius equalised finishing off a quickly-taken freekick. Five minutes in the second half, Valletta took the lead when Gilbert Agius, served by Chris Oretan, had a powerful shot deflected by Savic and ending at the back of the net. But less than two minutes later, former Valletta striker Nenad Veselji anticipated Sean Sullivan heading home off an Antoine Zahra freekick. On the hour, Valletta regained the lead thanks to Daniel Theuma who hit home off a blunder by Savic. Eight minutes later, the Citizens increased the lead as Gilbert Agius beat Savic with a shot from outside the area. In the 80th minute, Michael Galea reduced the gap converting a penalty awarded for a foul by Ivan Zammit on Michael Cutajar. However, one minute in injury time, following a good run on the right, Gilbert Agius served Chris Oretan who hit home from close range.