Under 16 APS Bank League Section C

  Under 16 Section C Table
11-SepLija-Iklin vs Sta Lucia1-0
11-SepSt George's vs Ghaxaq4-0
11-SepSirens vs Zejtun C.2-4
11-SepFgura U. vs Mqabba2-0
12-SepMarsaxlokk vs St. Andrews2-2
18-SepSiggiewi vs Mqabba3-3
18-SepMarsaxlokk vs Sta. Lucia1-2
18-SepSirens vs Lija-Iklin0-1
19-SepPembroke A. vs Zejtun C.11-1
19-SepSt George's vs Fgura U.0-7
19-SepGhaxaq vs St. Andrews4-3
25-SepSiggiewi vs Fgura U.0-8
26-SepZejtun C. vs Sta. Lucia1-0
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26-SepGhaxaq vs Lija-Iklin2-3
26-SepMqabba vs Pembroke A.1-2
26-SepSirens vs Marsaxlokk0-5
02-OctMsida SJ vs Sta. Venera U.3-1
03-OctMqabba vs St. George's2-4
03-OctLija-Iklin vs St. Andrews0-2
03-OctFgura U. vs Marsaxlokk4-0
09-OctSirens vs Pembroke A.3-1
09-OctMsida SJ vs Siggiewi7-0
10-OctGhaxaq vs Sta. Lucia1-4
10-OctMqabba vs Marsaxlokk0-3
17-OctSt. Andrews vs Sta. Venera U.2-1
17-OctMsida SJ vs Zejtun C.5-0
17-OctSt. George's vs Sta Lucia2-3
24-OctPembroke A. vs Lija-Iklin2-2
24-OctSiggiewi vs Sta. Venera U.1-7
24-OctFgura U. vs Msida SJ1-4
24-OctZejtun C. vs St. Andrews0-1
26-OctMarsaxlokk vs Ghaxaq5-1
13-NovMqabba vs Ghaxaq1-1
13-NovSt. George's vs Msida SJ1-2
13-NovMarsaxlokk vs Lija-Iklin1-0
14-NovZejtun C. vs Sta. Venera U.0-2
14-NovFgura U. vs Sta. Lucia2-3
14-NovSiggiewi vs Pembroke A.3-3
14-NovSirens vs St. Andrews2-5
21-NovSiggiewi vs Zejtun C.6-0
21-NovMsida vs St. Andrews0-0
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27-NovSta. Venera U. vs Lija-Iklin1-0
28-NovSt. George's vs Pembroke A.5-2
28-NovMqabba vs Sirens0-2
04-DecFgura U. vs Ghaxaq4-4
04-DecSirens vs Msida SJ0-5
05-DecMqabba vs Zejtun C.1-1
05-DecSt. George's vs Sta. Venera U.1-2
05-DecSiggiewi vs Marsaxlokk1-3
07-DecSta. Lucia vs Pembroke A.2-4
11-DecPembroke A. vs Sta. Venera U.2-1
12-DecMarsaxlokk vs Zejtun C.5-0
12-DecLija-Iklin vs Mqabba0-0
12-DecSt. Andrews vs St George's0-1
18-DecMqabba vs Sta. Venera U.0-3
19-DecLija-Iklin vs Zejtun C.4-0
19-DecFgura U. vs Sirensw/o
19-DecSt. Andrews vs Sta Lucia0-0
19-DecSiggiewi vs Ghaxaq1-5
08-JanFgura U. vs Lija-Iklin1-1
09-JanGhaxaq vs Zejtun C.7-1
09-JanSta. Lucia vs Siggiewi2-5
09-JanSt. George's vs Sirens4-1
15-JanPembroke A. vs Marsaxlokk2-5
15-JanSta. Venera U. vs Sta Lucia5-2
15-JanLija-Iklin vs St. George's0-2
16-JanMqabba vs Msida SJ0-10
16-JanSt. Andrews vs Fgura U.2-1
22-JanMarsaxlokk vs Sta. Venera U.1-1
22-JanMsida SJ vs Ghaxaq8-0
22-JanLija-Iklin vs Siggiewi0-2
23-JanPembroke A. vs St. Andrews1-2
23-JanSirens vs Sta Lucia6-3
29-JanSt. George's vs Siggiewi1-3
(2-0 »)
30-JanSirens vs Sta. Venera U.0-3
30-JanMsida SJ vs Sta. Lucia7-0
30-JanZejtun C. vs Fgura U.0-9
05-FebPembroke A. vs Msida SJ0-2
06-FebGhaxaq vs Sta. Venera U.1-5
19-FebSiggiewi vs Sirens2-3
20-FebFgura U. vs Pembroke A.2-0
27-FebSt. George's vs Marsaxlokk1-1
06-MarPembroke A. vs Ghaxaq3-1
19-MarMqabba vs Sta Lucia3-6
19-MarSiggiewi vs St. Andrews1-2
19-MarMsida SJ vs Marsaxlokk3-1
26-MarGhaxaq vs Sirens0-0
02-AprSt. George's vs Zejtun C.6-0
02-AprFgura U. vs Sta. Venera U.0-0
23-AprMsida SJ vs Lija-Iklin6-0
08-MayMqabba vs St. Andrews0-1

   » won points after protest
   28/11/04 Fgura U. vs Gzira U. 2-1. Match abandoned on 77 mins. Gzira United were suspended till the end of the season and their results were removed from the competition.

  Under 16 Section C Table